Deekax Talteri DIVK-C 330 DEMA ja DEMA VKL

Talteri ventilation system

  • demand controlled ventilation
  • heat recovery from extract air  to supply air with the counter flow exchanger
  • heat recovery efficiency over  80%
  • direct current fans(EC)
  • demand controlled supply air filtration and heating
  • speed control with the separate touch screen  control panel
  • summer bypass damper
  • the unit is equipped with noise  insulated, white powder coated  casing
  • DIVK-C 330 DEMA  post heating with electrical  coil
  • DIVK-C 330 DEMA VKL post heating with water radiator
  • electrical preheating
  • Max. airflow  supply/extract 314/348 l/s 100 Pa

Versatile touch screen functions

  • fan speed adjustment
  • supply air temperature adjustment
  • fireplace switch
  • boosting with timer
  • out of home switch
  • week clock control
  • filter alerts
  • languages finnish, swedish,english and estonian


  • carbon dioxide transmitter
  • humidity transmitter
  • separate extended period or fireplace switch
  • separate boost switch
  • out of home switch
  • remote monitoring control
  • 0-10V external control
  • Modbus

Dimensions: Height 1110 mm, Width 1160 mm,
                   Depth 672 mm, Weight 150 kg

 Annual efficiency calculator