House extraction fan DTT-200

House and apartment ventilation systems

  • the fans sections are compatible for different cooker hood widths
  • the operating sound is quiet due to the insulated housing
  • controlled removal of dirty air from the kitchen, the toilet/bathroom and as transfer air from the other rooms
  • adjustment of demand controlled ventilation from the DX-ULTRA-PTL, -PC AC tai -PG AC cooker hood
  • the ready-to-use extractor fan section is placed on top of the cooker hood and is connected to the control hood with the plug connector
  • the enclosed fan section with its electrical equipment is easily detachable from the body for cleaning and maintenance
  • made of corrosion-protected material and powder coated painted white

Parts and technical specifications

  1. DTT-200 house extractor's fan unit 230V / 135W
  2. Exhaust air out Ø 125 mm
  3. Extract air to the fan Ø 125 mm
  4. Extract air from the cooker hood Ø 125 mm
  5. Cooker hood DX-ULTRA-PTL, width 500 or 600 mm 
  6. Plug connector
  7. Power cord 1.2 m

Dimensions of the fan section of the house extractor fan: height 420mm, width 480mm, depth 170 mm, weight 10 kg 




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