DMO fan control system

  • Ventilation must be maintained continuously on  the  power level of  demand controlled ventilation.
  • Ventilation is especially important at night, when indoor air quality affects us all the time.
  • Ventilation also reduces  emission concentrations of  the building materials and e.g. radon nuisances.
  • Clear   fan control system makes possible to control rapid indoor air changes: to eliminate overheating, to reduce the harmful effects of   smoking and, for example, to quickly dehumidify washrooms.
  • Economy is improved with easily adjustable demand controlled ventilation.
  • LVI number: 7904011

Installation and  technical information


  1. Open the  cover  by unscrewing the screws.
  2. Attach the control center  as  surface mounted.
  3. The electrical connections are made by an entrepreneur with respective installation rights, using a front fuse max. 10 A

The DMO is equipped with an operating switch, so the voltage of the heating element is controlled via the switch.

Single-phase, operating voltage 230V, 50HZ.
For voltage-controlled fans with thermal protectors,
There are five  fan operating positions:
voltages 60, 80,  120,  160 ja 230V.
There is a separate operating switch on  the side of the  casing.
The function of the operating switch can be disabled (continuous usage).
Surface mountable gray plastic  casing.
 The DMO-455 is equipped with a 1.7 A transformer.