DMO-420 and remote control switch DKY

DMO fan control system

  • Ventilation must be maintained continuously on  the  power level of  demand controlled ventilation.
  • Ventilation is especially important at night, when indoor air quality affects us all the time.
  • Ventilation also reduces  emission concentrations of  the building materials and e.g. radon nuisances.
  • Clear   fan control system makes possible to control rapid indoor air changes: to eliminate overheating, to reduce the harmful effects of   smoking and, for example, to quickly dehumidify washrooms.
  • Economy is improved with easily adjustable demand controlled ventilation.

The DMO-420 transformer controller is controlled by a separate 4-stage DKY switch built into the instrument panel.

The DMO is equipped with an operating switch, so the voltage of the heating element is controlled via the switch.

Single-phase, operating voltage 230V, 50HZ.
For voltage-controlled fans with thermal protectors,
voltages 60, 80, 100  120,  140 ,160,180 ja 230V.
Surface mountable gray plastic  casing.
The DMO-420 is equipped with a 1.5 A transformer.
DMO-420 LVI-number 7904005
DKY           LVI-number 7904052